Culture & Values

Our values reflect our shared beliefs about our people and the impact we can have together—for 

our customers, our communities, and the world. 

They describe how we live our purpose through how we lead, how we see one another, and how we work.

Make The World Better

Our innovative approach to problem solving not only improves our designs, but also allows us to leave the world a little better than how we found it. 

These efforts are guided by our shared values across a variety of initiatives.

Inclussiveness and Diversity

We’re putting our commitments to promoting 

diversity, equity, and inclusion into action 

at our company, across our industry, and in the communities where we live and work

Community Service

We participe into the development 

of our community by volunteering frequently. 

We aim to be the best corporate neighbor 

of our cummunity.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe in managing our resources 

responsibly to preserve Earth’s. 

Each measurable action adds up to the big 

changes we need.


We are fired up

to serve our clients and community


We work hard but 

we don't hide The Secret Sauce


Nothing we do is random,

but we leave room for inspiration


We look for creative solutions

by always asking, "Why is that? "

Our Mission

Human Impact

By employing artisans, we hope to be able to improve their lives and financial situation by giving them better working conditions.

Working with Kendila and it's team of designers, will allow them to focus on their creations more as passion and less as an obligation.

Environmental Impact

With global warming, pollution and the depletion of natural resources, the efforts devoted to respecting the environment have never been so important. A growing number of companies are reconsidering their processes and the effects they have on the environment. 

Here at Kendila we wish to reduce our contribution to harming Mother Earth in the best way we can. Our aim is to become a B-Corp certified company that not only helps the environment but also provides opportunities to artisans from all around the world. 

Cultural Impact

Our goal is to have artisans from all over the world, each specializing in their own cultural approaches and expertise. 

Each geological area will be using natural materials proper to it hence minimizing unnecessary transportation of raw materials that contributes greatly to environmental waste.   

Proud Partner of Our Forest

At Kendila, environmental responsibility is ingrained in our culture and values. 

As avid supporters of Our Forest, we actively contribute to the global fight against desertification. Through this partnership, we embody our commitment to sustainability, working towards a greener and healthier planet for all

Projects Achieved with Our Forest

Africa - Kenya
Africa - Mozambique
Africa - Kenya
Africa - Mozambique
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