• Light Up The World

    Through our design and manufacturing process, 

    we not only produce one of the most beautiful lighting products in the world, but we 

    also empower artisans and off-grid communities to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future.

How Everything Started


Architectural Lighting

Introduction to the industry happened when the founder joined an innovative lighting company


From Spark to a Flame

After many tries, tests and sketches. We gave it a shape and named it



Company Launch!!

Signed our first artisans, qualified the first unique materials to work with!!

Started designing


Idea Spark

And just like that, 

the glimpse into the idea of bringing something new to the industry became


Cultural Voyage

Travel oriented our selection of materials and  designs. Also gave us a purpose to give back and light up the world

Where does the name 

" kendila " come from?

The name came from a combination of three words


Source of light, of fragrance, and can also provide warmth

KANDIL - قنديل

an arabic name that means Lantern


As known in the industry, is a unit of luminous intensity

Combining the three elements, we came up with the name Kendila, with the aim to represent 
​warmth, history, art, culture and high-end illumination

What We Offer

Artisanal Collection

Handmade products, using unique materials and processes

Culturally oriented designs and patterns

This collection is Kendila's signature

Selected Collection

Carefully chosen lighting products for specific industries 

to all individuals who are looking to complete 

their setups with high quality illumination

Architectural Collection

Ingeniously designed products to serve and enhance architectural elements to foster, establish or emphasize a building's 

aesthetics, history and purpose

Almost Perfect

Products with minor aestetic defects not meeting our quality standards. They are perfectly imperfect, but they allow us to reduce our environmental impact while offering you discounts all year.

Our Main Purpose

The company was founded under three core missions. Bring positive Human, Cultural, and Environmental impact

Human Impact

With our artisanal collection, we hope to support artisans all over the world by incorporating their handcrafted pieces into our lighting applications

Cultural Impact

Our main goal is to create a large product library, with each product reflecting a different culture, people, and history. Like art, but we do it through light

Environmental Impact

Being environmentally conscious influences how we design, source, produce, and operate as a company. It plays a significant role in our workplace culture

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