More Than a Business - Founded to give back

Kendila was founded to give back to society, which is why we have broken down our core mission into three major goals.
Contribute and work to bring a positive impact on people, culture, and the environment.

Human Impact
​Light Up The World!

In light of our people's positive contributions, we want to help artisans all over the world by exposing their craft and allowing them to focus on their work as a passion rather than a financial obligation.

In addition, we are working on a project to spread light and energy to off-grid communities. To accomplish this, we invest one-third of our profits from each product sold into these projects and give back to the community.

When we provide a community sustainable access to energy, ultimately we are helping them fight poverty as a result of transitioning away from costly fuels and batteries.

In addition, sustainable energy unlocks the opportunity to use tools to improve productivity and everyday life.

Cultural Purpose
Project Worldwide Cultures Through Light

Craftsmen and -women are natural storytellers. In creating an object with their hands, they also weave their history into it. Visit any artisan and they’ll tell you the story entwined with their product – the “why” to their passion and purpose, the reason for doing what they do, and what their product embodies. We can surround ourselves with stories every day.

As humans, we strive to attach a meaning and fulfillment to life, from travel to work to relationships. It’s only natural that we gravitate towards products that also mean something – to the person who made it and to its end user. Craftsmanship gives significance to possession.

This is why at Kendila, we aim to bring back to life the value of the craftmanship. Pride and passion drive our quality, not allowing for mediocrity. Every single inch of our products is scrutinized by its maker. Every piece is intentional, there for function or style. Materials are thoughtfully selected for both durability and look. Attention to detail – be it thread color, engravings, or type of application – will always be of utmost importance. 

Patience is a requisite to guarantee the excellence achieved with our craftsmanship. 

Environmental Impact
At kendila, we want to do great things. That's why we make problem-solving designs that are as beautiful as they are useful.

To achieve all this, Kendila goes through great lengths to maximize the use of recycled materials in it’s offices and will urge all it’s employees and partners to adapt to a more green and eco-friendly mentality even at home. 

We implement the use of recycled materials even in the creation of our products; including but not limited to plastics, paper, woods, metals and even leather.

On the same note, Kendila’s artisanal products are handmade at 70% thus reducing the use of industrial machines which lessens the carbon emissions and material wastes. This results in the creation of jobs and boosts profits and exposure to the artisans and their masterpieces.

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