• Liny

    Now Available in

    Beam Angle


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  • Medusa

    Side-Bend & Top-Bend

    Introducing the new extended Linear Flex Series, 
    featuring the new Medusa with both Side-Bend and Top-Bend capabilities with an impressive run length of 50 meters (164 feet), operating at 120V with DOB technology for unparalleled lighting solutions
    Release Date: 26th July
  • The Louza

    Ignite your space with the radiant allure of Louza lamp
    Crafted meticulously with 200 precision pieces, each unveiling the natural beauty of wood in a dance of exquisite patterns

    Own a masterpiece of artisanal excellence, bringing warmth and distinctive style to your home

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  • Wooden Selection

    Learn About The THUYA Wood

    Thuya wood, sourced from the Moroccan Thuja tree, is prized for its fine grain, reddish-brown tones, and aromatic qualities. Renowned for its beauty, it lends a touch of elegance to crafted items, making it a sought-after material in artisanal creations
  • Sweet, Colorful, Bright

    Experience the allure of macaron-shaped pendant lights, adorned with lively and sweet colors

    Sweeten Your Decor

- Redefine the Art of Illumination -

Crafted to perfection, Kendila is a brand rooted in handmade, quality, and design, offering smart solutions for illumination.

- A Unique Lighting Solution For Every Taste And Culture -

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Our Commitment to Excellence

Unique Materials

Experience the vibrant essence of diverse cultural expressions brought to life in our products, thoughtfully crafted through the careful selection of materials.


At Kendila, our mission is to revive craftsmanship through contemporary, handmade lighting applications that celebrate high-end, luxurious lightings.

Smart Solutions

Our product line offers a seamless Easy Connect solution, with smart control and customizable technology integration choices.


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in 70% of our products, crafted with eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient design making a positive impact

Discover Our Shining Stars

Be the first to bask in the glow of our newest lighting creations. Meticulously crafted to infuse your world with warmth and radiance

The Louza


The Torka


Stema X


Made-to-order solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and a range of customization options

Unlock Your Creativity


Made-to-order solutions, cutting-edge technologies, and a range of customization options

Unlock Your Creativity


Are you a professional looking for expert advice and support for your project?

A premium, personalized service crafted for our professional clients, offering specialized support and expert advice

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Almost Perfect Collection

Lets give these products a second chance despite their inadequacies. 
Almost Perfect products have minor aestetic defects that do not meet our quality standards. 
They are perfectly imperfect, but they allow us to reduce our environmental impact while offering you discounts all year.
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No matter how urgent 

you need your order,  we got you covered

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Our personal advisors 

will be delighted to assist you with any inquiry

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Have the freedom to personnalize, 

create, adjust and revive your illuminaton choices

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